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Pontardawe Arts Centre

Live programme, 3D cinema, Art gallery, Workshops, Bar, Tearooms

The Princess Royal Theatre 

Live Music, Comedy, Theatre and much much more....

Gwyn Hall

Live Events, 3D Cinema, Cafe, Conferencing and lots more...

Latest cinema screenings...

3D Digital Cinema at The Gwyn Hall and Pontardawe Arts Centre.

Pontardawe Arts Centre
Technical Specification


ETC Ion 1024 lighting desk with 2x20 fader wing, touch screen primary monitor and secondary monitor 1
Zero 88 Fat Frog lighting desk with monitor 1
Strand LD90 dimmer (24x2.4KW) 3
Strand ACT 6 portable dimmer (6x2.4KW) 3
Zero 88 Betapack 2 dimmer (6x2.4KW house lights) 1
Strand Solo 2K followspot 1
Strand Solo 1K followspot 1
Strand Cantata 1.2K 18/32 profile 8
Strand Cantata 1.2K 26/44 profile 4
Strand Harmony 1K 15/28 profile 12
Strand Prelude 650W 16/30 profile 6
Strand Prelude 650W 28/40 profile 2
Strand Cantata 1.2K Fresnel 4
Strand Cantata 1.2K PC 7
Strand Harmony 1K PC 10
Strand Prelude 650W Fresnel 2
Strand Prelude 650W PC 4
Strand Coda 500W flood 10
Strand Nocturne 1K flood 4
Par64 mixed CP60 and CP62 (black) 50
Par64 short floor parcan (polished chrome) 5
UV Cannon 1
Chauvet Colordash Accent RGB LED par16 9
Chauvet Colordash Accent VW LED par16 9
Chauvet Par Hex 12
Martin Mac 250 Entour 2
Martin Mac 250 Krypton 4
Robe Robin 300 LED Wash4

Soundcraft Vi1 digital desk with compact stage box
Soundcraft MH2 desk (32 mono, 4 stereo, 8 VCA, 8 group, 10 aux) 1
Klark Technik DN360 Graphic EQ 1
BSS Opal FCS966 Graphic EQ 4
Yamaha SPX2000 multi fx 1
TC Electronic D Two delay 1
Drawmer DS404 quad gate 1
Drawmer DL441 quad compressor 2
Tascam MDCD1 CD and MD player 1
Multicore 32 send and 8 return 1
EAW JFX290 12” + 1 ¼” 6
EAW SBX220 2x12” 2
XTA DP226 loudspeaker management system 1
Lab Gruppen fp6400 (subs) 1
Lab Gruppen fp3400 (stalls mid/high) 1
Lab Gruppen ip2100 (balcony mid/high) 1
EAW SM129 12” + 1” wedge 6
EAW SM159 15” + 1” wedge 1
Lap Gruppen fp2600 (monitors) 3
Martin Audio WT3 15" + 6.5" + 1"2
Martin Audio WS2A 2x15"
DBX Driverack PA+1
Yamaha P3500s2
Yamaha P7000s2
Shure SM58
Shure SM57 10
Sennheiser e602 (kick drum mic) 1
Sennheiser e604 (clip-on tom mic) 4
Sennheiser e606 (guitar cab mic) 3
Sennheiser e614 (condenser mic) 4
AKG 300B with CK91 (condenser mic) 1
Beyerdynamic MCE86N (rifle mic) 3
AKG C568EB (rifle mic) 1
BSS AR133 active DI box 4
Behringer Ultra-DI active DI box 1
EMO single channel passive DI box 2
Sennheiser tall boom mic stand 9
Sennheiser short boom mic stand 9

Martin Magnum 2500Hz haze machine with DMX 1
Antari bubble machine 1

Eiki LC-X1100 projector with zoom lens 1
Panasonic EW630 projector with zoom lens 1
Panasonic DMP-BD80 Bluray/DVD player 1
Intercom System

Metro Audio CMS 2 Master Station 1
Belt Packs

Zarges 8 rung ladder 1
Zarges 12 rung ladder 1
Scaffolding tower 1

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